Thursday, February 23, 2012


Some days I feel like this

Yesterday was one of those days. It started off with my darling seven month old refusing to take a nap. She was howling and exhausted so I decided to take a drive to try and get her to sleep. I had all four kiddos with me because it's Mid-Winter break. We piled in the car, in our pj's, infact I didn't even put on shoes :0 and we headed off. After about ten minutes the baby finally fell asleep and I was en-route to home. Unfortunately we got in a car accident.....

Luckily no one was hurt, and truth be told it really wasn't my fault. Someone back out of their driveway into the right side of my car while I was driving down their street. Turns out it was a friend from church and I felt so bad. It was soggy and rainy, oh how I love Seattle weather (insert sacastic eye roll here). Once I assessed that everyone was okay I got out of the car to check out the damage. Yeah, I was really regreting the fact that I was in my PJ's with no shoes on at this point--freezing!!!!

Anyhoo no-one hurt, just our cars, and lots of adrenaline pumping stress. So I came home and tried to chill. Ha, we all know that's pretty much impossible with four kiddos 6 and under! Here's how the rest of my day went:

  • 2 year old is potty training she has an accident all over the floor upstairs--clean it up move on
  • Spend forever on the phone with the insurance companies while kids beg me for snacks and terrorize each other because I'm certain they feel it's their life's quest to reek havoc when mommy's on the phone
  • Make lunch, nobody wants what I've fixed
  • Pack orders for the Fabric Shop (this part I enjoyed)
  • Then I heard a ewwww scream from my two year old who had climbed behind my couch to pee all over my brand new white curtains. grrr
  • While ironing my freshly washed curtains my iron leaked brown rusty liquid on a five inch section. Perfect! (time for another sarcastic eye-roll moment)
Minus the car accident and the rogue iron the other stuff is typical. There are days when I've looked and felt like a crazed cat, but luckily most of my days I feel like this:

Or at least I'm trying to feel like Wonder Woman. Not in the "I can do it all" sense, because I certainly know that's not possible, nor do I wish it were. I'm just talking about the confidence and strength aspect. I know who I am, what I believe in, and what I want for me and my family.

Conclusion: bring on if I have to I can deal with the "the crazed kitty" days. 


  1. Dont worry they grow up fast and pretty soon you will be missing the noise when they are all in school all day. Your positive attitude(i heard it in there somewhere) and sense of humor will keep you going. BTW I hope you dont mind me smiling over you in you pjs and bare feet(hair sticking up?) driving your kids around.

  2. Oh no! So sorry you had such a rough day! Glad everyone is ok! You are certainly not alone (and truth by told it's "nice" reading everyone has days like these as a Mom). Especially about the things getting peed on part and new things getting ruined by messy kids...Big hugs!

  3. Oh...ya that's a doozie!! These days will pass..that's what my sisters tell me and they say we'll miss them??? Are you serious!! So sorry for your new curtains...your car...your bare feet...your wet jamas...and your day!! Hopefully today is going better for you ;o)

  4. Andrea... I so needed to read this! Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone!

  5. Andrea...sorry you had a rough day and a car accident but thank goodness no one was injured. I completely understand the frazzled cat feeling/look but trying to keep it together like Wonder Woman. Hope your Friday and weekend are much better....