Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Journal Jars and the Hot Glue Accident!

I decided to make these little jars for my Young Women at church. The Young Women are girls that attend my church ages 12-18 and I am their leader. I taught lesson number 19 about Personal Records, or keeping a Journal and made these jars for each girl. I got the idea from sugardoodle, and added a little bit to make it my own. Each girl was given two sheets of paper with about 20 different ideas for subjects to write about in their journals. I asked them to cut them up into individual strips and place them in the jar. They were then given a challenge to write in their journals for 21 days. If they were stumped on what to write they could draw out a paper strip from their jar and have a subject right away. I hope they enjoyed the lesson. I know I did! I'm taking the challenge with them and am excited to see in what ways I improve by keeping a daily journal.

Supplies needed:

  • Baby food jar washed and ready to go
  • 2 inch circles cut from cute scrapbook paper or fabric. I just used a two-inch punch
  • Skinny ribbon, the 3/4 inch kind is too-wide. Just a hair smaller and it will fit around the rim of the lid nicely.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Printable labels, download mine here. Or you can make your own by cutting scrapbook paper into 2" x 10.5" and wrapping it around the jar

Click on image to download full-size printable

  1. Start by wrapping your ribbon around the lid base to get the length right. Cut and glue on. 
  2. Cut out your 2 inch circles from cardstock or even scrap fabric and glue on the top of the lid.
  3. Finally cut out your jar labels and hot glue them around the outside.
That's it! Now I bet you're wondering about the accident part? I had just applied a bunch of hot glue to my circle and accidentally dropped it in my hand. Apparently my reaction time was not fast enough--(yep I'm slowly accepting the fact that I'm not a superhero) by the time I ripped off the cursed paper the glue was stuck to my skin. Once I got the courage to rip the glue off my hand, my skin came with it :( Ouch! Oh the things I am willing to do for a great craft!

Wish the quality of the jar picture was better but my hand was hurting so bad I was too lazy to pull out the good camera, in comes the trusty cell-phone camera.

Happy Crafting just don't burn yourself!


  1. Owee!!

    The jars are adorable -- and kudos for leading the Young Women group. Maybe I need a jar like this with blog topics....some days the well is dry.

  2. Are you going to AQMS on June 4/5?

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