Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games.......Worth Loving! {Fabric Envy}

The wait is over, Let Games Begin!

Bear with me while I post about something completely unrelated to fabric. Are you guys as excited for the Hunger Games movie premier as I am? It's seems like everyone is talking about it and I wanted to share my excitement too.  About three years ago I picked up Hunger Games and was immediately captivated by the story. The unrealistic and yet very realistic plot, the well developed depth of each character, the thrill ride of one intense moment after another, the tears, and on, and on make Hunger Games and entirely addictive journey. The dystopian setting provides the perfect platform for a very emotionally gripping story. These books are about survival, love, revolution, and the heartache and brutality of war. They're exciting, creative, and absolutely "worth loving".

I hope the movie does the book justice! The preview looks amazing. I'm also pretty excited to see what the hair and makeup artists have dreamed up for the outlandish Capitol citizens. From the picture of the character Effie Trinket below, I'd say they're on the right track. So if you haven't already done so, put down your sewing and schedule an uninterrupted weekend to let yourself indulge in the Games.

"May the odds be ever in your favor!"



  1. I never read the books but I'm going to go see the expectations that way ;o)

  2. I'm definitely going to see the movie. I loved the books, what I'm not so in love with are the reviews by people who haven't read the books. It seems to me they are missing a bit of the message. Oh well, I guess the good thing is that most people seeing the movie will have already read the book.

  3. I finished all three books in the past two days and I loved them. I am excited to see how all the characters are portrayed in the movie. Super excited!!!